Monday, October 02, 2006

Breakdown Revisted

Bears Running Offense Vs. Seahawks Running Defense

Bears: 23rd in NFL @ 83.0 ypg
Seahawks: 2nd in NFL @ 58.7 ypg

While it looks like a slam dunk for the Seahawks, the Bears have not really committed to the run all year. I see the Bears trying to set up the run early and being a little more successful than the previous three weeks.

Edge: Seahawks

The Bears were proficient in the rushing game going for 143 yards and 2TD. Thomas Jones is starting to round into his '05 form and Cedric Benson had a few nice carries as well.

Winner: Bears

Bears Passing Offense Vs. Seahawks Passing Defense

Bears: 5th in NFL @ 273.3 ypg
Seahawks: 22nd in NFL @ 222.7 ypg

The Bears passing offense is light years ahead of what it has been from the past couple of years. Rex Grossman needs to stop making mistakes when pressured like the ones in Minnesota last week. Expect another 250 yards+ this week.

Edge: Bears

Rex Grossman had a ton of time in the pocket and had a very nice game again (17/31 232 yards 2TD 0 Int.) Another long TD bomb to Berrian and Moose is catching just about everything thrown to him.

Winner: Bears

Seahawks Rushing Offense Vs. Bears Rushing Defense

Bears: 7th in NFL @ 82.0 ypg
Seahawks: 14th in NFL @ 114.3 ypg

Seattle is missing first string RB and last year's MVP Shaun Alexander for the game due to a broken foot. He is replaced by 5th year RB Maurice Morris, who is said to be slightly faster than Alexander. Both Guards Sean Locklear and Chris Gray are banged up for Seattle, so this could spell trouble for an already fragile Seahawks running game.

Edge: Bears

While rushing for a respectable 4.1 yards per carry average, the Seahawks just could not get the ground game going. Shaun Alexander's replacement, Maurice Morris, rushed for only 35 yards on 11 carries. Nineteen of Seattle's 77 yards came on a quarterback scramble.

Winner: Bears

Seahawks Passing Offense Vs. Bears Passing Defense

Bears: 11th in NFL @ 184.0 ypg
Seahawks: 17th in NFL @ 198.3 ypg

Last week against the Giants, the Seahawks threw for 227 yards, 5TD and 3Int. The Bears must not confused on the four wide receiver set that Seattle will most likely throw at them. If the Bears can get to Matt Hasselbeck, it should generate a lot of turnover opportunities.

Edge: Even

Seattle passed for 202 yards with 0TD and 2INT. Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck was beaten and chased around all day. The Bears had 5 sacks and pressured him countless other times. Tommie Harris had a monster of a game with 2 sacks and proved why he is one of the best DT's in the league.

Winner: Bears

Special Teams

Right now, all of the phases of the Bears' special teams are clicking right now. Devin Hester is a real threat to take punts all the way and their coverage teams are getting to the ball carrier quickly.

Edge: Bears

The Bears had a couple of scary moments this game when Devin Hester muffed two punts, but the Bears recovered both of them. However, he did have a nice 26 yard return. Robbie Gould had another outstanding game going 3/3 in field goals.

Winner: Bears


Mike Holmgren is 14-2 lifetime against the Bears. This is mostly due to his success in Green Bay (12-2). Lovie Smith was last year's Coach of the Year. Holmgren is going to have to come up with a game plan to establish the run without Alexander. Smith must also figure out a way to help his anemic running attack.

Edge: Even

Ron Turner had an excellent game plan mixing short passes with long bombs. Ron Rivera had his defense fired up and ready to play. Seattle's coaches could not stop the Bears on either side of the ball.

Winner: Bears


With this being a Sunday night game with plenty of time for the Bears faithful to tailgate, expect a very boisterous stadium on the lakefront.

Edge: Bears

Soldier Field was the loudest I have ever heard it with Bear fans getting rowdy during every one of Seattle's third downs. The fans were ready for the prime time and it showed.

Winner: Bears



With a final score of 37-6, the Bears dominated all phases of the game on Sunday night. This game was truly a coming out party for the Bears and it showed they are a top 3 team in the NFL.

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