Monday, October 16, 2006

Bears Breakdown 10/16 Vs. Cardinals

Bears Running Offense Vs. Cardinals Running Defense

Bears: 15th in NFL 109.6 ypg
Cardinals: 23rd in NFL 123.4 ypg

Thomas Jones finally cracked the 100 yard mark and Cedric Benson had 2 TD last week against the Bills. The Cardinals do not put up much resistance against the run and the Bears should muscle past the weak Cardinals defensive line.

Edge: Bears

Bears Passing Offense Vs. Cardinals Passing Defense

Bears: 5th in NFL 246.8 ypg
Cardinals: 26th in NFL 237.4 ypg

Rex Grossman is the second highest rated passer in the NFL with a 100.9 rating. Rex likes to throw deep often, usually to Bernard Berrian. The Cardinals have only 3 INT and 10 sacks on the year. They do not generate a ton of pressure on the quarterback so Rex should have plenty of time to go to the long ball if he wants.

Edge: Bears

Bears Rushing Defense Vs. Cardinals Rushing Offense

Bears: 6th in NFL 76.2 ypg
Cardinals: 31st in NFL 70.4 ypg

The Cardinals paid huge money to Edgerrin James in the offseason and have very little to show for it. Their offensive line is terrible and they create almost no holes for their backs. The Bears defensive line is very quick and athletic and should have no problems getting penetration in the backfield.

Edge: Bears

Bears Passing Defense Vs. Cardinals Passing Offense

Bears: 3rd in NFL 158.4 ypg
Cardinals: 10th in NFL 220.6 ypg

Once again, the Cardinals offensive line rears its ugly head. They have given up 17 sacks and the quarter backs have thrown 7 INT. To make matters worse, their best offensive player, Larry Fitzgerald, is out with a hamstring injury. Matt Leinart gets his second start of his young career and should be in for a real trial by fire. The Bears should get to him early and often.

Edge: Bears

Special Teams

The Bears have excellent return, coverage and kicking teams. Robbie Gould is still perfect on field goals this year and Brad Meynard is keeping teams pinned back.

Edge: Bears


Dennis Green has had a miserable time in the desert going 12-25 in his first three years and his team has not lived up to its lofty preseason expectations. Lovie Smith has gone 21-16 in the same time period and has Chicago thinking Super Bowl.

Edge: Bears


Even though the Cardinals are the home team, expect a lot of Bears fans to be there cheering at the new University of Phoenix Stadium.

Edge: Even


Bears 33
Cardinals 7

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Where's the breakdown for the Niner's game? How am I suppsed to sound intelligent if I don't have your insights to steal from?!?!