Monday, October 09, 2006

Breakdown Revisited

Bears Running Offense Vs. Bills Running Defense

Bears: 11th in NFL 98.0 ypg
Bills: 17th in NFL 103.0 ypg

Last week the Bears finally had success running the ball with Thomas Jones running for 98 yards and Cedric Benson running for 37 yards. Last week the Bills held the Vikings for only 63 yards on the ground. With the Bills worried about the now prolific Bears passing attack, expect the Bears to get some good chunks of yardage on the ground.

Advantage: Bears

The Bears rushed for a season high 155 yards and two TD's. Thomas Jones cracked the 100 yard mark for the first this season and Cedric Benson had two scores. The offensive line is looking better run blocking and this is only holds bright things for the Bears future.

Winner: Bears
Bears Passing Offense Vs. Bills Passing Defense

Bears: 5th in NFL 259.8 ypg
Bills: 11th in NFL 193.8 ypg

For the second time in four weeks, Rex Grossman was named the FedEx Air player of the week. He threw for 232 with 2 TD and 0 INT. Bernard Berrian is the home run threat the Bears have lacked for decades and Moose is a very solid possession receiver. The Bills have been solid against the pass all year, but have not seen an explosive offense like the Bears yet.

Edge: Bears

The Bears "only" had 196 yards passing this game. However, this was more of a function of good field position and a good running attack rather than a bad throwing the football. Rex Grossman had another good game going 15/27 (55.6%), 182 yards and 2TD. Bernard Berrian had another long bomb completed to him (62 yards.)

Winner: Bears

Bills Rushing Offense Vs. Bears Rushing Defense

Bears: 7th in NFL 80.8 ypg
Biils: 9th in NFL 117.0 ypg

Willis McGahee leads the NFL with 389 yards of rushing, but only 1 TD. He is by far the best running back the Bears have seen all year. The Bears will need their front four to take away the cutback lanes to be successful against him.

Edge: Even

The Bears totally stiffled the Bills running game (58 yards on 18 carries.) The Bills had to abandon the running game early when the Bears jumped to a huge lead. Going into the game, Willis McGahee was leading the league in rushing, but he was shut down for the most part with a long run of only 11 yards.

Winner: Bears

Bills Passsing Offense Vs. Bears Passing Defense

Bears: 7th in NFL 176.3 ypg
Bills: 25th in NFL 178.5 ypg

J.P. Losman is a "Game Manager." Dick Jauron does not want him to make mistakes and work within his limits. He is not going to win you games, but he probably doesn't lose a lot either. Last week the Bears bruised and confused Matt Hasselbeck with 5 sacks and 2 INT. They are a very opportunistic defense and their front four create a lot of pressure. The Bills must get solid protection or it will be a long afternoon for Losman.

Edge: Bears

With the exception of that last minute garbage touchdown, the Bears completely controled J.P. Losman. He threw three interceptions, got sacked three times and never got into any sort of rythem. This is what the Bears do to bad and mediocre quarterbacks.

Winner: Bears

Special Teams

The Bears kicking team leads the league with 50 points. Robbie Gould is a perfect 13 of 13 on field goals. The Bears coverage units swarm to the ball and allow very few yards returning. Devin Hester must take better care of the football or it could lead to momentum shifting turnovers.

Edge: Bears

Ho hum. Robbie Gould was again perfect kicking the ball with another four field goals. The Bears had of couple of nice returns and Devin Hester had no trouble holding onto the football. The Bills returners had nowhere to go.

Winner: Bears


Lovie Smith is the first Bears coach to lead his team to 4-0 start in 15 years. Dick Jauron is the coach that thought Leon Johnson would make a good kick returner.

Edge: Bears

Good job Dick. That fake punt you called on your first possesion worked out well for you.

Winner: Bears


While not the fans' most hated ex-coach, Dick Jauron should not expect a particularly warm homecoming Sunday. He will get booed and booed often. Remember it's not his team, but he's on the team.

Edge: Bears

The Bears fans were loud and Soldier Field had an electric atmosphere. With the cold weather upon us, it is only going to get worse for opposing teams.

Winner: Bears

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