Monday, January 08, 2007

No Mea Culpa from Peter King

Usually I don't blog about national sportswriters (or much for that matter), but when I saw this article from Peter King this morning it made me angry. In this article, he slams Nick Saban, albeit indirectly as not to sully himself in case he needs a quote or favor from Saban later. Let's take a look in the way back machine to this article less than two months ago. Let's take a quote from it:

My feeling is this: I liked Saban a lot coming into this job, and his year and a half in Miami has only very slightly dimmed his luster in my eyes. He's 12-13 in trying to revive a sinking ship. Give him time, and I think at the end of Year Three you'll see a very good NFL team. Saban's too bright a football mind to fail.

Obviously, Peter, we cannot give him three years because he bolted after only two. If you want to do the easy and obvious thing and bash Saban, go right ahead. At least admit that you were wrong about this pompous jerk in the first place. Remember Saban was Jerry Angelo's first choice to replace Dick Jauron three years ago, but the Bears got Lovie Smith instead. Sometimes the decisions that you don't make are the best ones.

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